11Welcome to Aldawldup!

Here you can find all sorts of information and lessons about Embird 2017 and the Embird Plug-Ins; Studio, Font Engine, Cross Stitch,  Sfumato and the Alphabets as well as Basic Design Construction.

What is Embird?

Embird is an independent embroidery program that does everything the sewing machine company programs do less expensively.   Designs created in Embird will work on any embroidery machine, both home versions and professional.  Using Embird will just take you a bit of time to learn about the program, how to use the tools and how to make it do what YOU want it to do.  It is constructed of plug-in modules that are purchased separately and you can buy as much or as little as you want at any given time.

What about a different Embroidery Program?

So, you have another program and while you’d love to learn more about digitizing construction your tools are totally different?  Regardless of the program you are using, the basic construction of a design that sews out well and looks good is the same.

That means you can learn the basic construction techniques and apply those toward the same type of design, even though you will have to figure out which tool to use.  The new lessons will have two parts -general construction information and how to do it in Embird so they should help you learn more about how to put together designs that really work well.  Welcome!