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Overview of Embird Plug-Ins

We are going to start at the very begining of getting the right parts of the Embird Program for your digitzing needs.  There is no need to purchase anything you are ready to try, it will be available when you are ready!

The Basics

It all starts with the Basic Embird 2017 program.  This is a two part program or two screen program that is set up for both managing your stash of designs (Manager) and editing designs (Editor).  You must have this to run any of the other Embird Plug-Ins.

Next is Embird Studio Digitizing Tools, the digitizing part of the program.  This is a full featured digitzing program with absolutely everything you could want to create wonderful designs.  It uses a different file type than your regular machine file format and designs created here can be exported in many different machine file formats.  Just those two parts of the program and you are ready to begin digitizing.

And even more…

Sfumato Stitch is a program that using the Embird Studio Digitizing screen of the program to create photo stitch designs.  These are different than regular designs in that they are meant to be a permanent thread “copy” of a photo and you don’t need this part of the program to digitize regular designs.

Font Engine is another part of Embird Studio that works with either Embird Editor or Embird Studio to create sewable lettering from any font on your computer. Another feature is that it will allow you to arrange purchased decorative alphabets easily. It also add the ability to “auto digitize” and “auto outline” to Embird Studio.

Cross Stitch is another choice.  With this Plug-In you can create several different types of designs using crosses rather than fills.  You can load a graphic image and instantly create a cross stitch design, you can enter your crosses manually (just as if you were sewing, but easier to correct when you make a mistake!), you can draw with the cross stitch tools.  You can even create Blackwork types of designs.

Two more Plug-Ins to really consider:

Another Plug-In is Iconizer.  Long ago, Embird was the only embroidery program that offered a way to view ALL of your designs within the Windows operating system as icons, rather than simply a file.  It is so much easier when you have a little picture of your design and a simple right click brings up a bigger picture as well as all the facts of size, colors and stitch numbers.  Many computers and other embroidery programs offer this feature now, but it still is a great tool to have.

And fianlly consider purchasing any of the preditized alphabets.  There are 42 alphabets to choose from and all are really well digitized and ready to be used within the Embird Editor part of the program.  While many machines now offer lots of pretty alphabets as well, sometimes you just need a slightly different look and these are all ready to go.  The Redwork alphabets are unique and really good for small lettering designs. The really good news here is you can buy one just when you need it so you don’t need to buy them all.

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  1. I just typed in your URL on a hunch. All I can say is WOW, I am one happy camper! I love what you have done so far. This is going to be absolutely the best place to be with Embird! Thank you, Marlene

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