Embird Basic Info

Downloaded and Installed…What is next?

It’s exciting to get a new program up and running and disappointing as anything to suddenly discover you can’t make it do anything the developers seem to have promised in their beautiful glossy ads as well as the glowing recommendations of folks who use the program.

So, step one -give yourself time to learn the program.  Don’t open it expecting to complete a perfect design the first day. Relax and let yourself play with it.  The information you learn in any part of Embird carries over very well to the next part, so no time spent organizing, editing or recreating other designs isn never wasted.

Approach it like a child does; expect to play and if you get something great -Yeah!  And if not, oh well maybe tomorrow.  We really hate to practice, but in this case it is necessary to learn the tools and what they do.

So, dismissed to go play with your Embird program. Open it, look at the various screens (depends on what you purchased, but basic Embird has Manager-for finding, organizing and transferring designs to your machine or card and Editor -for some pretty cool editing, recoloring and reorganizing of design, Each Plug-in beyond the basic Embird adds another separate screen (workspace).  Move around and check  the drop down menus until you feel comfortable and they start to make sense to you.