About Me

My name is Amy Webster and I have been digitizing since the last century!  I started with the first home embroidery program -Pfaff Creative Designer about 1994, as soon as it was available -green computer screen, DOS and eight digit names…nothing else.

Since then, I’ve used and taught Elna’s Xpressive software, Pfaff’s 3D (4D and 5D), and made explorations of Babylock’s Designer’s Gallery, Floriani and the Bernina Artista  software.  There are differences, but in the end they all do the same thing more, create a file that you can sew out.

I have been using Embird  for a very long time, I started using the conversion/editing software soon after it appeared and I snapped up the Studio digitizing program as soon as it was available. My Yahoo Group, DigiStudio started in 2003 and still has many members ready to learn the Embird Studio software; it is a great place to ask questions about your digitizing issues.

Anyone can digitize if they want to and do a really good job, there are just a few things you need to know…