About Embird

Embird is a third party digitizing program that is not associated with any sewing machine company.  It is a combination program that has several different parts you can download and pay for separately.  It can be really confusing to the newbie…what do I need?  Why?  Here is an article to help you understand about the Embird program and the Plug Ins.

Updates and Upgrades

Embird offers both updates and upgrades on a regular basis.  There is an advantage to having the most current version of the program, but sometimes all the downloading and reinstalling can be a little scary.  It’s no wonder that newer programs do this for you.

Updates are usually free and offer fixes for minor glitches, or slight improvements to the program.  They are offered and numbered from the last basic upgrade -so Embird 2017 -v 10.24, and minor numerical changes (like from v 10.23 to v 10.24 usually mean a very minor change.

Upgrades are more major changes and usually include an upgrade fee.  The last charge for an upgrade was 2010 to 2017 at $20.00.  Far and away a better price than some embroidery machine companies that give you 6 months to pay hundreds of $$ to upgrade your program.

Often you do need to download both Embird and Studio to get the full update or upgrade.  The program will check for you and let you know, then you double check to be sure you got it all.

Embird 2017

The most current version of Embird is Embird 2017 version 10.24 (3/21/2017).   The program has been constantly updated and upgraded since it debuted in 1997 -first as an organizational program for cataloging designs and later adding digitizing and other features to that.  Find out more and download today!